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Welcome to the National Testosterone Study!

You'll now be part of the single largest survey of mens levels in the history of research.

We look forward to your participation!
If you have any questions, need extra time or cannot participate, contact your study coordinator to avoid a billable event.

Please look for your site log-in email shortly.
If you do not receive this email, contact a study coordinator at (866) 776-4363.

The study follows a 5-6 week timeline with all reporting and study check-ins done easily & quickly online.



Address & Contact Info

+1 (800) PROGENE

7 7 6 - 4 3 6 3

Program Details:

Thank you for choosing to participate in our testosterone research study.
 Following your enrollment, we will send you 2 testosterone test kits and Progene testosterone support (60ct) - a combined retail value $189.00 + $4.95 s/h.
Other than a refundable $4.95 s/h charge to validate the card and address, you have no other obligation than to complete the study.

 Your timely participation is critical to this study.         All study steps outlined below are repeated in the shipped materials and online.

 To receive payment for participation, all the testing materials at no charge and s/h fees refunded you must complete all of the steps in the study.
 This includes:
    1) Logging into the study participation site and completing the first survey within 10 days of today's enrollment.
    2) Doing the 1st test immediately afterwards and reporting your test ID at the study participation site
    3) Taking Progene supplement - 2 tablets / day.
    4) After taking 3 weeks of Progene, doing the 2nd test and reporting the test ID at the study participation site.
    5) Completing the 5 weekly surveys online at the participation site due each week
    6) Agreeing to share test results and completed surveys. Click here for research program & study terms.
    Missing the timeline for any of the above steps may disqualify you from the test program and result in a billable event.

The study spans approximately 5 weeks with 5 weekly surveys and the completion of 2 test kits.  Once all the steps have been completed according to the schedule and we have received your reporting and test results, you will be paid according to the compensation offer and provided at no charge, all test materials shipped today.  However if we do not receive your test results or your 5 weekly surveys in a timely fashion during the allowed testing time period over the next 45 days, this will be your indication that you are choosing to keep the product without completing in the study.  As a result, the retail value of the study materials ($189.00) will become due and billed to the listed card either in full or in semi weekly payments until paid in full.  Your receipt today will reflect that we have shipped you products in advance and that you are entering into a retail installment contract in which the amount due is waived upon completion of the test program.

If for any reason you decide not to participate, you must contact customer service within the next 10 days to notify them of your decision otherwise you may be billed for the full amount.  All test materials will need to be returned within 45 days of today to waive any amounts due.  This program offer not valid where prohibited.  For any states or local regulations regarding testing, you warrant that you are either taking this test under the direction and/or supervision of a medical professional and agree that you are approved to receive test results directly or are a medical professional taking this test or administering this test.  All wellness testing is only informational and not for any diagnostic purposes or the treatment of any medical conditions.  If you have any questions during this process you may contact our customer service department at 1(866) PROGENE  /  866-776-4363.


The National
Testosterone Study

This is your receipt.
All enrollments are subject to the terms & conditions found at

Why pay a clinic to find out your levels when you can get paid to see your levels before & after!

Testing is Painless, using only saliva (spit) samples.

  • Only 2 tests are done: 1 Before & 1 After.
  • Each test uses 4 samples taken in 1 day
  • Each sample takes less than 5 minutes to collect

Key Weekly Steps:
Log into the study portal
  1)  Do the 1st Survey
       A)  Do the 1st Test
            Take Progene each day
  2)  2nd Survey
  3)  3rd Survey
  4)  4th Survey
       B)  Last Test
  5)  Last Survey & FINISHED!


Enrollment Date:

Amount Charged:                                                          $     4.95  

Before & After Study Kit                                               $189.00

Shipping & Handling:                                                    $    4.95

  • 2 Clincial grade free-testosterone test kits
  • 1 Progene natural testosterone support formula

All costs provisionally WAIVED with study participation:

Paid today & refunded at completion:                        $    4.95

Amount Charged:                                 $    4.95  

Test Materials:                                                             - $189.00

Before & After Study Kit                       $189.00

Shipping & Handling:                            $    4.95

Test Materials:                                     - $189.00

Paid Today &
Refunded at Completion                      $    4.95

All costs provisionally WAIVED
with study participation:

You will be responsible for all costs above unless you login to the study program portal to complete your weekly surveys and activation of both tests in a timely fashion.

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Cincinnati, Ohio 45214

Clinical Grade Testing

Research Program   
(Study materials shipped)